Office of the Clerk

Message from the Clerk of the Assembly
The County Assembly of Isiolo is pleased to unveil this Strategic Plan that maps out what we intend to achieve in the short-run as well as the long term. Having been ably guided by the Speaker, the County Assembly Service Board and the entire Assembly membership and with keen interest and input of our staff, it is my desire to have the Plan implemented to the letter.

The preparation of the Strategic Plan of the County Assembly marks a vital milestone in ensuring that the Assembly performs its core mandate of a legislature, representation, and oversight. However, you will notice that we have identified important areas of development to support the Members of the County Assembly do their work well hence the heavy investment in physical infrastructure development, capacity building of both Members of the County Assembly and staff; and expanded outreach activities.

It is my commitment that I will guide the Management team to ensure that what has been identified in the Plan is implemented. We shall have a mechanism in place to ensure continuous monitoring of projects implementation.

I will dedicate efforts and resources towards realization of the strategic objectives set out in this Plan. Staff under me will be appropriately guided to maximize on their performance targets that will be linked to the Strategic Plan.

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Speaker of the County Assembly, the County Assembly Service Board, the Members of the County Assembly, staff of the Assembly, development partners, consultants and other stakeholders for making the development of this Strategic Plan a reality.

Mr. Salad Boru Guracha
Clerk of the County Assembly/
Secretary, County Assembly Service Board