Office of the Speaker

It gives me great pleasure to present this strategic plan, the second County Assembly of Isiolo. It is an historic and important document for the Assembly and it sets the stage and benchmark for the future plans and strategies. It is also important because by virtue of its pioneering position, it is charged with the responsibility of setting an excellent foundation for future assemblies. Therefore, as an Assembly we are alive to this fact, and are committed to do the very best work for the people of Isiolo who we represent.

This strategic plan is a clear vision of where we want to be in the next five years and the means we wish to employ to get there. It articulates our goals and describes the steps we need to take and resources needed to accomplish the set objectives. We have taken a conscious decision to identify activities and programmes that we believe are important and fundamental in laying a strong foundation for the Assembly for the future.

As an Assembly, we are mandated to make laws that the Executive implements to provide services to our people. This explains why the key objective of this Plan is to help Members of the County Assembly to be top-class legislators who play their key mandate of legislation, representation and oversight. A good measure of our performance will be the number of legislations we pass and the quality of these laws. Other objectives set out here are aimed at supporting MCAs in undertaking their mandate.

It is my prayer that you will find the Plan a good guide to the activities the County Assembly of Isiolo aspires to achieve in the next five years or so. All MCAs and staff are keen to see a well-coordinated development process of the County Assembly. We gladly welcome any feedback from any of the readers of this Plan.

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the County Assembly Service Board, Members of the County Assembly of Isiolo, the Clerk and all staff for fully participating in the crafting of the Strategic Plan. We look forward to full realization of the strategic objectives and activities we have set out in the Plan

Hon Hussein Halake Roba

Speaker of the County Assembly/ Chairperson CASB